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Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Hair Regimen

Hair Journey start date: 03/09/09

I'm currently shoulder length hoping to become full APL by January 2010 & full BSL(9 months later). wish me luck! :-)

Twitter: Esther_Nelson

Quick Overview:
~hampoo twice a week
~Deep condition with warm towel after every shampoo
~Moisturize and seal twice daily in sections using fingers
~Apply JBCO to my scalp 3x/week.*on wash days*
~Air dry 100% of the time
~Bun 99.999% of the time
~ try to Comb only on wash days (twice a week)
~Stretch relaxers for atleast 10+ weeks
~Hot oil treatments
~Always wear a satin scarf and/or satin bonnet to bed or use satin pillow case
~No Heat (blow dryer, flat iron etc)

Tuesdays & Fridays
→ Shampoo
→ Towel dry for 5mins to absorb water
→ Deep Condition
→ Detangle in the shower with Shampoo wide tooth comb
→ Towel dry absorb water for 5-10mins
→ Apply Leave-ins and lightly comb through
→ Air dry
→ Once my hair is dry (1-3+hrs later), I moisturize using
→And seal then I apply JBCO to my scalp in sections
1. Moisturize and seal in sections,
2. Bun hair,

*Night time*
1. Moisturize and seal in sections,
2. Put on satin scarf and satin bonnet
4. I take my two Nouritress hair, nail and eyes vitamin pills

*DRY HAIR WILL NOT GROW, it breaks off preventing you from seeing any growth!!!!!!!!*