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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Major Set back 08/2010**Update**☻

Hey Lovely♥

I know I've been M.I.A. since May 2010(6 months I know L.... and so much has happened since then) well you guys saw my last video of my 3 months relaxed stretch/ hair update on May ~19, 2010... after that relaxer I did another 3 months stretch and went for a relaxer which was done by an old class mate from beauty school( I went for Esthetician and Nail Tech not Cosmo) the same one that did my relaxer at the school may 2010, offered to give me a touch up since it had been 3 months(he asked sooner but I said no) I said sure-assuming he's fresh out of school and figured he should be up to par enough not to do anything crazy(I should have know something was up when after I told him I wanted to get a rinse on the same day as my relaxer and he said that would damage my hair**A NONE PERMANENT COLOR CAN NOT DAMAGE YOUR HAIR**) while he was back there doing my relaxer he got this really great idea to relax my entire head as if it was virgin “hair-roots to tips” "WTF!!"" on top of that he did not rinse the relaxer out properly( I had to rush him the remove the relaxer immediately as soon as I saw that white cream on my end “I was pass mad at that moment“--I had scabs all along the back of my neck which lasted a while... But wait that wasn’t the only great idea he got while he was back there….there’s more…he even had the nerve to give me a "Trim!!!" which was really a cut taking a more than 2 inches of hair-, he burned my scalp with the flat iron on numerous occasion and let’s not even mention that blow dryer...none the less it took me over 6 months to go from wanting to beat the crap out of him to messing me up and setting my Healthy Hair Journey back so far not speaking to him( with a STRONG dislike) and he even had the nerve to txt me asking when am I going to get to play in your hair again(it took me a while) but my response was "lol this must be a Fu**ing joke, NEVER!!!!!" you can actually see thru the ends of my hair now because it was over processed... UHG!!!! I don’t think I’ll be doing a video update yet….. Sorry L

On Thurs.11/10/10(Holiday)

I self relaxed my Hair w/ Gentle relaxed from Sally followed by DC using ORS Replenishing Conditioner with Africa's best oil for 45 min to an hour-if not more, followed by my leave in and serum, I did a roller set (Mohawk style), flat iron, wrap my hair, and took down wrap the next day. Saturday 11/12/10 I did a prepoo with Suave condition and Honey mix for 20-30min and followed that with a DC treatment using ORS Replenishing conditioner.

*****I recently started keeping a detail journey for my HHJ****

Lost 17+ pound between August-October 2010(the healthy way☺)

I'm still big on eating sweets but I’ve reduce my daily intake to whatever I carry in my lunch box for the day.

to avoid the snack area I no longer bring change to work

I brown bag my lunch daily

Run/ Walk 2+ miles about 30-45 min M-F and 4+ miles on Sat & Sun

I eat breakfast daily

I think I’ve been eating really healthy lately

**more details to come**

Starting Jan 2011 I will be starting my Invisiline treatment (I’ve been trying to do it since High school) I was able to pay cash for the braces but I had to learn to save and be frugal..

I was thinking about stretching my relaxer until I’m finish with the treat which will take about 9 months( I really excited about the satisfied with the Orthodontist I’ve chosen. J

Luv ya ♥♥♥♥♥