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Monday, February 1, 2010

My first half wig

Venus professionals preferred instant wig- Philly Girl stye #2 color
{that's my hair sticking out on the left side all straight and stuff :-)}

Today's date: 12-09-10 I didnt know then but looking back that Half wig looks a hot mess!!! lol

Venus professionals preferred instant wig- Philly Girl stye #2 color I'm currently 10 weeks post relaxer on Saturday I had a blow out... I added some coconut oil to my scalp and hair(my hair was looking extremely partched after the blow out) I went to 2 of my local BSS in one of the I purchased my first half wig to help me with my 6months/24 weeks stretch:Venus professionals preferred instant wig- Philly Girl stye #2 color and went to another BSS to purchase alphagee products my 6 months stretch will end on May 14, 2010 my birthday is on June 21st, so I may try a 7 months stretch and just get my fresh relaxer right before my birthday. I will encorporate a lot of Fgrogan's (from YouTube and methods to my current regimen help make make my stretch more succesful(I don't want any kind of set back keeping me from reaching my goals. I will be moisturizing and sealing nightly and using my satin/silk scarf and bonnet. I will be using my half wig as my ultimate protective style. I will also continue my usual weekly washe, DC, leave-in condioner, serum and air dry, I will also continue to use JBCO on my scalp on my wash days . I will however start using alphagee products. Oh yea, I also purchased a wig cap to keep my hair well protected. Healthy Hair Journey everyone!!!!! :-)
I just love this new half wig.... I did not think I would wear a half wig let along love it the way I do.
*Remember Jesus love you* spread the love-Esther ;-)