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Saturday, January 16, 2010

My list of Products & Equiptments for wash day and daily use & My storage

 My wash day kit:


On Tuesdays & Fridays I Pre-poo, Wash, Deepcondition, wrap my head/ hair using the t-shirt Video: T-shirt method Sunshyne or a towel leave it on for about 10-15 min. Then I apply my spay followed by my creamy leave-in conditioner, brush my edges and use a scarf Video: Scarf method Sunshyne to lay the edge down smooth and as straight as possible. Once my hair is completely dry I then  moisturize the hair in section Video: Mosturize Sunshyne Style (i moisturize and seal at the same time.....see bellow)and Grease my scalp with JBCO Video: applying JBCO Sunshyne Style.

I use EVOO when I do a hot oil treatment and I always use it in my pre-poo and DC.

My Moisturize Seal & Protect kit:

 To create whats in the pink bottle you'll need the following:

  1. Wave Nouveau moisturizing finishing lotion

  2. JBCO

  3. EVOO

Mix all three inside of the pink bottle and shake well.... Just about fill the bottle up with the first product (WVMFL) I stop at the top rim, then add a layer of the EVOO(mix it up by shaking it well) the add a layer of the JBCO(mix it up by shaking it well)

There you have it my moisturizer and sealer 2-in-1

I apply this mixture twice a day using Sunshine's techniqueVideo:How to moisturize and seal I do this in the morning and at night (2x per day)

I tie my hair up everynight:Video

*it will not leave your hair real greasy or anything like that*
*you DO NOT need a lot to get the job done either*
This is how I keep everything organized:

the top one has 7(~$20) White
the bottom one has 3(`$7) Pink
I'ts in the bathroom near the door

*Remember Jesus love you* spread the love-Esther ;-)