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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Using Profectiv Mega Growth Anti-Breakage Strengthener growth lotion... in place of my moisturizer and sealant for the next 4+months

Last relaxer: 5-19-10 Next relaxer: October 1st or later(I will keep you up to date)

I use to share my hair products with people who showed interest in wanting to start caring for their hair so they'll be able to retain more length(I regret doing so). after about a day or so they stop all together(I find that extremely discouraging) or they tell me ooooh girl that's too much work(but everytime I wear my hair down-- they be like "I need to start taking better care of my hair like you said" that's as far as that goe)s... so I said that to say this I really hope these embarasing pics of me while growing my hair encourage someone out there to start caring for their hair... when my hair was damage and could make it to shoulder length people always told me it's because of my skin color and the fact that I'm Hatian make's it even harder..... NOW that my hair has been growing the same group of people are telling me it's in my :-D and boy did they laugh at me when I said I will grow my hair to Hip length I was reminded again of the fact that I'm BLACK "you should be lucky if it even reach your arm pit girl-Dont push your luck"........gotta brush that hate off my shoulder!!!

AAAAnyways..... I have about 1/3 of the 8 fl oz. bottle of the Profectiv mega growth anti-breakage Strengthner growth lotion left....I've decided to use the remaining amount in place of my moisturizer and sealant.
Stops breakage, damage, promotes growth.7 x Stronger hair.
MegaGrowth stops daily styling damage, before breakage starts. Penetrating & re-moisturizing deep inside the hair,  MegaGrowth infuses strength to weak-fragile hair, mending damage & bridging cracks that lead to breakage. MegaGrowth's exclusive ProStrength formula stops daily breakage caused by the damaging  effects of chemicals, extensions, braids & styling stresses. Excellent for Daily Moisturizing/Styling.

I'll be applying it to my hair everynight before bed from 6.3.10--till--I run out