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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dealing With Dry Black, African American, and Afro Caribbean & Black Hair( For relax, natural, texlax hair textures)

                             "How to Combat Dryness"
One of the most challenging aspects of dealing with our black hair is combating dryness. Black hair tends to be dry because of its physical structure. Dry hair is brittle hair, and when hair is brittle it breaks easily. However there are several steps that you can take to deal with dry hair.

One of the most important things you can do to deal with dry hair is to be sure you always wash your hair with a gentle shampoo. Avoid shampoos made with the chemicals sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, ammonium lauryl sulfate, and ammonium laureth sulfate. These detergents are some of the most commonly used cleansers in shampoos. However these ingredients strip the hair of natural oils and leave the hair feeling dry and harder to manage. A gentle moisturizing shampoo will cleanse your hair without stripping it of natural oils. Always Deep Condition your hair after washing to soften your hair and help make it more manageable.

Another important step to take in dealing with dry hair is to seal in moisture after washing with a natural hair oil or a natural pomade. A natural hair oil or pomade applied to the hair after Moisturizing your hair ( With a water base moisturizer- water will be listed as the 1st ingredient if it's truely a water base moisturizer) will help seal moisture in the hair shaft which in turn will help the hair retain more moisture in between washings.

A third step you can take to deal with dry hair is to be wise in your use of heated appliances such as pressing combs, flat irons, curling irons, blow dryers, etc. These tools are fine to use in moderation, and can be a great help when taking care of hair, but if they are used too frequently (like every day or every other day) or at too high a level of heat, they will contribute to hair dryness by causing the moisture in your hair to evaporate, leaving you with dry, brittle hair. When using heated appliances, use a thermal protectant on your hair (a.k.a- heat protectant) to protect your hair from the heat.

Note: What you put inside of your body does affect your hair, skin and nails... I have a post up of food that promote healthy Hair, Skin & Nails. Keep you body hydrated, keep a close eye out on your diet, be sure to exercise. "Water is your Friend"

Wether you are relaxed, texlaxed, natural, transitioning.... You are likely to experience dryness... How ever it is preventable... Check out my youtube channel for more helpful tip like this one and more:


Monday, April 25, 2011

16 weeks airdrying & Stretching course/bootcamp

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Join me on my 16 weeks air-drying course/ boot camp "Stretch w/me"
From 6/15 - 8/15

Why in the middle of June?
-did you know that it's best to start an exercise/diet plan on a Thursday rather than a Monday? that because mentally you wont feel like you have a long way to go till the end of the week/month

-Exercise for at least 30 min a day(walk, run, jog, dance, gym, at home, at the park, etc...) if you need help in this department check out my blog..

-Air-dry 100%

-Stretch your relaxer for at least 8weeks--if you really want to be a soldier...then I challenge you to stretch that relaxer for at least 16 week ;o

-Eat a well balance diet daily for the 16 weeks (visit my blog for help) "join the WOW group"

-Drink at least 1 glass/bottle of water daily

-wear your hair in a protective style 90% of the time(you are allowed to wear your hair out 1x per week)

**I will upload weekly videos to help you guys out**

-video coming up for the challenging starting the month before the challenge(May):

1. Healthy Hair Quiz

-will help you identify the current condition of your hair and determine where there's room for improvement.

2. Basics Course Guide

-I will go into details on how to stay focused and record/ journal what you see, etc.

Week 3: Dictionary and Growth Chart

we will define & discuss the healthy/unhealthy hair terminology. The growth chart will illustrate key growth milestones in hair growth, lightly touch base on PH Levels etc.

Week 4 : 16 Weekly Lessons

Each week, I will post a new lesson outlining a healthy hair concept or technique. The lesson will be presented in video format. This week will also be used to prep you to start off with the course/boot camp. And let you know what's in-store to come in future videos. We will also discuss the benefit this challenge will have on your overall health, from head to toe.

Everything will also be available on my Blog:

So stick w/ me and WE will finish this thing strong together...

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This Challenge is for those with really short hair -to- really long hair


Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Healthy Hair Regimen

Requested video.....
My Healthy Hair Regimen:
*1-2x per week Wash & DC after every wash
*Sampoo using- Creme of Nature "SunFlower & Coconut" Detangling Conditioning Shampoo
*Condition using- One 'n Only Argan Oil derrived from Moroccan Argan Trees - Moisture Repair Conditioner
*Aphogee keratin restructurizer (Spray)
*Creme of nature leave in
*Creme of Narure argan oil gloss & shine serum
*Wide tooth comb
*scarf method
*air dry
Moisurizer: wave nouveau moisturizing finishing lotion
seal w/: African Pride hair scalp & skin oil(also used in conditioner)
grease scalp w/castor Oil

Be sure to check out my healthy hair blog underneath the my hair regimen tab for more details:

CRÈME OF NATURE Sunflower & Coconut Detangling Conditioning Shampoo Regular Formula for Normal Hair 15.2oz/450mlOne 'n Only Argan Oil Moisture Repair ConditionerAphogee Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer 8 ozCreme of Nature Lemongrass and Rosemary Leave-in ConditionerCreme of Nature Argan Oil Gloss & Shine PolisherPlugged In Wet Look Shower CombGold Magic Satin Scarf (Pack of 6)Stay On Satin Nites Bonnet Sleep Cap #600Wave Nouveau Moisturizing Finishing Lotion 33.8ozHome Health Castor Oil, Cold Pressed and Cold Processed, 32-OunceBetty Dain Satin Pillow Case Zippered PinkSatin Nites Large Satin Scarf #779African Pride Hair Scalp & Skin Oil 8oz

Products to try:
~Baby Mild Formula Castile Soap (Target or The Vitamin Shoppe)
~Aloe Vera Juice (Trader Joes)
~Applicator Bottle (Sally Beauty Supply)

~One 'n Only Argan Oil Moisture Repair Conditioner (Sally Beauty Supply)

Light Protein Treatment (1x/month)
~One 'n Only Argan Oil Restorative Mask (Sally Beauty Supply)

Deep Conditioning Treatment (1x/month)
~Nutiva Coconut Oil Dc overnight (Vitacost, Amazon, The Vitamin Shoppe)

Moisturize Deep Conditioning (whenever hair feel coarse & hard to manage)
~One 'n Only Argan Oil Moisture Repair Conditioner...leave on for 10-15 mins with or without heat (Sally Beauty Supply)

Scalp Treatment (reduce shedding/promote healthier scalp)
~Aloe Vera Juice non-diluted (Trader Joes)

Leave-In Conditioner
~Aloe Vera Juice (Trader Joes)
~Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Leave-In Conditioning Cream ~New to regimen (CVS)
*Still searching for a staple leave-in conditioner....

Heat Protectant
~One 'n Only Argan Oil Oil Treatment (Sally Beauty Supply)

Styling Cream
~Dr. Bronners Hair Creme Lavender/Coconut (

~SheaMoisture Curly Enhancing Smoothie (Target)
~Homemade Whipped Shea Butter (see previous uploaded vid)

Oils (sealant/moisturizer)
~Nutiva Coconut Oil
~Eden Allure Argan Oil

Dr. Bronner's Unscented Baby-Mild Pure Castile Soap - 32 oz.Real Aloe Vera Juice 32 OuncesSoft 'N Style Applicator Bottle with Angle Tip 8.5 oz.One 'n Only Argan Oil Moisture Repair ConditionerOne 'n Only Argan Oil Restorative MaskDabur Vatika Coconut Hair Oil 150ml (Pack of 2)Garnier Fructis Leave-In Anti-Frizz Serum for for fizzy, dry and unmanageable hair, Sleek & Shine, 5.1 fl oz (Pack of 3)One 'n Only Argan Oil Treatment 3.4 oz.Dr. Bronner's Style Creme-Lavender 6 fl ozShea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Hold Smoothie - 12 oz.African Shea Butter Cream 100% Pure & Raw (Gold) 5 oz.Dabur Vatika Coconut Hair Oil 150ml (Pack of 2)Eden Allure 100% Pure Moroccan Argan Oil