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Monday, March 9, 2009

My hair journey updates from 03/09/09 --till-- NOW

     I actualy broke my 6 months stretch at 3 months & 6 days I should be at full APL by my second relaxer which will be six days from when my six months stretch school have ended (

plus an additional 6 six days---------May 20, 2010

Click here to see pics of last relaxer on 2/20/10
We'll today is 1/24/10  in only 3 months, 2 weeks and 6 days I will be at 6 months post relaxer then I'll do a length check and update everyone on the current status of my hair. since I have soo much new growth for my protective styles I will wear my hairr curly a lot ex: satin roller set, roller sets, braid out, twist outs, buns, bantu knots, bantu buns, one or two french braids etc. (I will take pictures and post them under my protective hairstyle post)

I'm still taking the cheap vitamin shop brand of vitamin for Hair, Skin and Nails....
Well Today is 12/2009 I just wanted to update everyone on my progress so far. can you see a difference in my bangs or what????? my bangs are now almost touching the top of my lips... in the first picture you'll notice it was no where near the top of my eyebrows and in only 9 months it has pass my nose and everything.... the second pic at the top rigth corner was taken a few month after I started my hair journey(taken while air drying)
I've been taking the vitaming shop's brand of vitamin for Hair, skin and nails. although it's big and smell like collard greens I've gotten use to taking 3/day. I no longer mind taking the...
Ok. Today(11/14/09) I got a relaxer (at 8 weeks -OR- 2 Months post) and here are the results(see Pic on the right -->) I can't even beliece this is really my hair(but it is... lol :-D ) I've been consistant with my wash, deep condition,  greasing my scalp with JBCO, Moisturize , seal and Protect with Buns. I'm still taking Noritress Hair vitamins. but once it run out I will be switching to the vitamin shop brand for hair, skin, and nails, only because I can't afford to keep on paying for the shipping right now. once I get my money right I will probably switch back to it and just order them in bulks )

Last night(9/15/09) I Relaxed my hair for the first time since 03/09/09( at 6 months and 6 days -OR-24 weeks and 6 days post relaxer )                     --> I preped using organic root stimulator hair mayo mixed w/ olive oil covered my head with a plastic cap & a warm towel let it sit then rinsed it out and air dried.  I had a friend apply the Glentletreatment (It was the cheapest relaxer I saw for sale at Sallies($3.99) relaxer to my new growth after everything had been completed I greased my scalp w/ JBCO &applied Wave nouvo moisturizing lotion and styled my hair in a bun(w/ no weave,I was  shock at how far I had check out my pic-->.). My hair is much thicker, stronger, fuller, and healthier now:-D

**I'm still taking my vitamins for hair, nails and eyes **

Listen not to vain words of empty tongue:-)

 We'll Today is 03/09/09 I'm officially tired of my  hair and it's personal rollercoaster ride.... I can't take it any more ... Well I did a Google search on how to better care for affrican american/ black hair and I was amazed to have stumbled upon a couple. First I found this girl name Sunshyne's blogspot  blog and read up on it. thru her blog I found her ning site. which then led me to her youtube channel........ Thru her channel I found Gennifer's you tube channel thru her youtube channel I found her Healthytextures site I just had to become a member. Once I became a member I then Purchase her DIY  Rollersetting video (extremely useful)..... I was on a serious journey to a healthier head of hair..... I spent an intire day doing my research (I dont regret it... it was worth it) I learned sooo much, took notes( I was completely clueless ) and the next day I went to a Beauty Supply Store to purchase the products I would need to start my hair journey today

I remember seeing a hair vitamin in a black hair magazine I believe it's called Nouritress. I will go ahead and order it.  

****If I would have listen to my sister(My hair would not be this damange from Colors and relaxer *****
She would always say if you're going to continue abuising your hair like that... you need to start taking better care of your hair....... I block the rest out while she's talking....... Now I regret it(toooo late)

I  pledge as of today 03/09/09 I will start and continue to take much better care of my hair**** I really hope my blog here help someone outthere...

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